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Use this calculator to work out how much you and one other person could save by sharing a car journey instead of driving independently

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You could each save   a year just on fuel!
(and emit   kg less CO2)
(calculations assume travel for 45 weeks per year)

What savings will I make by car sharing?

Car sharing saves you money on fuel, parking, wear & tear and substantially reduces your carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Example: if you make a journey of 12 miles each way to and from work that is made 5 days a week, 45 weeks per year you would make the following savings:

  • Fuel savings - Typical fuel costs would be over £1,000 for that journey for a year. If it was shared with one other person both sharers would make a saving of over £500 each per year.
  • Parking savings - Assuming a parking cost of £2 per day for 45 weeks the total cost is £450 per year. Two people sharing this journey would save £225 each per year.
  • Wear & tear - Reducing your car use not only saves on fuel, but also reduces wear & tear.
  • Carbon emissions - Car sharing on the example journey for a year would avoid over a ton of CO2 emissions in total, and reduce each sharer's annual carbon footprint by over half a ton.
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