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Frequently Asked Questions

What is car sharing? top

Car sharing is very much what it sounds like; two or more people arranging to travel together in one car instead of making similar journeys separately

What are the benefits of car sharing? top

There are many good reasons for car sharing. Here are a few:

  • Save money on fuel and parking costs every time you share a journey
  • Enjoy a more sociable and less stressful way of travelling
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and help to cut congestion and pollution
  • Reduce the wear and tear and weekly mileage on your car

How does car sharing work? top

Once you have registered, the Carshare database will check your details and preferences to create a list of potential sharers; people who live near you or on your route, and who match your preferences. You can then contact people from the list and make a car sharing arrangement that works for you all.

What about sharing costs? top

Costs can be shared in any way which is acceptable to all involved. Total contributions should not be more than the running costs of the vehicle. Some common ways to share costs are:

  • By sharing the driving, e.g. where you drive your car one week and the next week your car share partner drives theirs
  • By splitting the running costs and parking charges equally. If there is only one driver then they may charge their passengers for the journey: we currently recommend that 10-15p per mile is a fair contribution, plus an equal share of any parking fee. The basic rule is that costs should be divided fairly; i.e. don't charge your passengers more than the running costs of the vehicle for a journey.

If you find a method which works particularly well please let us know by emailing the scheme administrator with details. All good ideas will be added to the page for advice from sharers.

What about insurance? top

You must be fully insured and it is advisable to inform your insurance company that you are registered in a car share scheme. This should not incur additional costs or affect your premium. Most insurance policies cover you to carry passengers on your journey to work, as long as you don't charge your passengers more than the running costs of the vehicle.

Do I have to share everyday? top

No, you can share as often as suits you. Many people only share on two or three days a week. The registration form includes a section that enables you to choose the days that you want to share.

What if I car share and have to leave work suddenly? top

Many participating employers make an agreement to provide a lift or taxi home for car share passengers who have to leave work unexpectedly during the day. Check with your Carshare representative for details. If you are the driver and have to leave work early you should contact the people you share with as soon as possible to give them time to make other arrangements.

What happens if I am the driver and am sick? top

You must contact your car share partners as soon as possible so that they can make alternative arrangements. As a passenger it is equally important that you let the driver know if you are ill so that they don't wait for you at your pick up point.

What happens if I find that car sharing doesn't suit me? top

Participating in a car share scheme is voluntary and not a binding commitment. If it isn't for you then you can stop at any time.

I work shifts. Can I still share? top

Yes, car sharing is flexible. If you work shifts or irregular hours the Carshare database will look for other sharers with a travel profile that matches yours.

I only have use of the car occasionally. Can I still share? top

Yes, as long as you know when you will have the use of a car the system will look for matches on those days.

What care should I take when car sharing? top

When it comes to travelling, every member is responsible for his or her own safety. We recommend that members follow the safety advice outlined below.

  • Never exchange home addresses with your travelling companion before you meet them.
  • Always arrange to meet in a public place.
  • Give a friend or family member the details of who you will be travelling with, when and to where.
  • Make sure you telephone to say you have arrived safely at the completion of your journey.
  • Remember that you are under no obligation to go ahead with any car share journey. If you have any doubts about your travelling companion, for any reason, you should not travel with them.
  • Agree with your travelling companion to both bring ID - passports, student cards or driving licences - so you know you're travelling with the right person.
  • If you have any problems with your car share journey please contact us immediately and we will do our best to help.

If you have any other questions or comments please email the Carshare administrator

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